White Collar Crime

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White Collar Crime essay example

White collar crime includes all the disorders and offences that are committed by or against any business entity. The white collar or business crimes are often different from traditional crimes. These crimes are also called as white collar crime and corporate crime and in most of the cases these crimes result in economic loss to the company (Ortmeier, 2005). The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) classifies the business crimes in three categories including fraud, counterfeiting and forgery and embezzlement.

Fraud is the deliberate action taken by a company or individual that intends to damage or cheat others. Counterfeiting is the unauthorized and unpermitted copying of any item like money, clothing styles, watches and handbag designs etc. whereas, Embezzlement is the use of entrusted money or property for personal benefit. All of the other crimes are placed under the “other” category and FBI does not regard the business crimes as serious threats to the business sector (Shapiro, 1995).

White collar crime is a broad term that includes several types of non-traditional as well as nonviolent crimes including fraud, illegal transactions, black mailing, telemarketing fraud, and welfare fraud; identify theft, commercial robbery like theft of intellectual property, damage to physical assets, theft of vehicles or plants, counterfeiting, forgery, tax invasion and bribery etc. The business crimes are supposed to be nonviolent, but in some cases, the offenders might be violent in their acts and get involved in activities like harassment, assault, violence against workers or protesters (Shapiro, 1995).

As the time passes, there are certain new crimes that the businesses of today are likely to encounter like credit card fraud, cellular phone fraud, website hacking and loss of company’s digital data etc. Hacking results in the unsafe disclosure of company secret information like financial data, credit card numbers, proprietary information and personal contact information of employees and officials.