Workplace Letter

In the workplace, people write different letters from time to time. An employee may be required to write a workplace letter due to many reasons. A letter may be written to ask permission to be absent from work. It can also be an apology for an act which was contrary to workplace rules. In many instances employees do not take writing these letters seriously, which may result in an employee being given a warning. Though some can write a workplace letter, the need to learn how to write such letters is still there. This is necessary because once you leave university you might forget many points about letter writing. Also a lack of consistent reading of different writings also contributes to a lack of knowledge and skills on how to write a workplace letter. This can lead to not knowing how to write application letters. In the workplace, employees may be required to write application letters in situations where there is opportunity for promotion to a better position. In order to be given the opportunity, many organizations ask you to write application letters in which you clearly state the position you want to be promoted to. Also, through the application letters the decision to call you for an interview is made based on what you write in your application letters. If you want to develop your writing skills as far as application letters and workplace letters are concerned, professional writers can help. To get help to perfect your writing skills, in relation to application letters and workplace letters, the services of professional writers are available from online writing agencies.

Workplace Letter essay example

Thesis Statement
To find out the importance of workplace letter and its position in the ever changing technological world

Every organization, whether big, small, international or local, must have some forms of written communication from one department or an individual to another. This immense need for communication has provided different forms of passing the desired information from one individual or department to another.
A range of communication means exist in the work place; each having its pros and cons. Work place letters provide a sure way for passing the desired information from one quota to another. Although many people provide different samples of workplace letters, the formats vary widely depending on the level and direction of the communication (Letter barn, 2008).

Definition of Work place letter and its merits in communication

A workplace letter refers to any form of written communication in a formal organization or business. The workplace letters have weighty and immeasurable merits over many forms of communications that exists in different organizations.

First and foremost the letters provides evidence for any communication done, this is unlike other forms such as verbal communication that do not provide any evidence once it message has been passed across.

Another great merit of a workplace letter is that, it provides the ability for one to counter check the information more than once. At times communications may not be clear and the intended message may not be achieved instantaneously, use of workplace letters gives an opportunity for this to be achieved.


Yet of great value to this form of communication is that it provides indelible means for communications that are formal and directed out of the workplace. Information that is directed out of the company at times may need to be shared within the existing workers for example at the managerial level.