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Dear Professor:
I opted to revise the essay on Jackson, titled “What you Pawn I will redeem.” The focal criterion governing my choice was the ability of an essay to involve the subject and readers. The principal character narrates the story in person. This aspect made me opt for the story. Furthermore, the theme in the story attracted my attention towards it. It is a reflection that poverty should not be associated with shame. Moreover, it educates humans on the essence of appreciating in enough.

The essay altered my understanding effectively of poverty and simplicity in having enough. The essay completed altered my perception and definition of poverty. Above all, it made me appreciate the necessity of abiding with enough. There is change of the essay in accordance to the objective discussion, especially those building up on the theme. The revised essay focuses on characters of enough and sustainability through trust created upon others. It also focuses on the perception of the Indian society, especially in the eyes of the white folks.
The aspect that appeared hardest in writing the essay was the verity of accepting poverty without shame. In fact, this was the case to the point that Jackson makes fun about his predicament. The actuality of accepting such a noble societal position in the society, especially one associated with shame made it intricate to write. The focal strengths of the essay lie in the usage of repetition and first person narrative. This aspect eliminates the actuality of fictional virtues to the story. A person is likely to engage in the novel based on the verity based on an authentic story. Nonetheless, this may not be the case, but using first person narration suffices to strengthen on the essay’s authenticity. The weaknesses in the essay are in the development of the theme. The development of theme does not reflect the aspects of poverty and trust. I would prefer some feedback that enlightens on aspects of poverty, trust, and humility.

Jackson is a homeless individual who flopped from college. He is of Indian decent, a Spokane one for that matter. He has been homeless for an approximate of six years. There is no stipulation of the reasons for his demise, though not according to him, in the essay. However, the essay introduces Rose of Sharon and Junior. They are all of Indian decent. They seem to affect each other’s lives, despite the verity of being destitute (Franz, 69). The relationship between Jackson and Rose materialized into a one-night stand after some bottles of alcohol. Jackson and Junior were friends, presumably, best friends. Big Boss offers the source of external assistance, though shortly. It is momentous based on the actuality that, the newspaper job offered to Jackson did not yield in aiding his endeavors. Big Boss had offered him a job in selling newspapers.
Jackson did not hail from a wealthy background, but he had the fundamental needs provided. The actuality accredits that he attended college. There is a depiction of Jackson as a humble and trusted homeless individual. This is quite evident by the verity that hotel managements allowed him to use their washroom services. He is appreciative of minute details that people take for granted. Above all, there is satisfaction with his social position. In fact, he derives peace from his social position.

Shifting Genres:
Jackson: I have been homeless for an approximate of six years. This must not come as a distress because I flanked college. In essence, most people would consider me an individual who has had a chance, but wasted it. However, I am not ashamed of the previous mistakes. Nonetheless, I have learned from most of them. Perhaps, such circumstances have made me reconsider my choices in life. Above all, they have assisted me in altering my perception about life. I suggest that we should make a trip to the streets. I hope all of you are on board with the idea.

Rose: I do not have any schedules and objects to attend, and cater. Furthermore, you know I always love the company of the three musketeers. Therefore, count me in, I am game.

Junior: You have always been my friend. I would hate to turn down any offer you propose, provided it is not killing someone.
(They all head to the streets)

Jackson: I have never seen this pawnshop. This must be quite astonishing, keeping in mind that we can recite all the pawnshops. Hey! There is my mother’s regalia. (Jackson gazes in the window of the pawnshop).
Junior: How certain are you, that it is different regalia. I mean it has been years since you interacted with your grandmother. However, we could always ask and demand to know its originality.

Rose: I concur with Junior, especially the part on being sure that it belongs to your mother. Nonetheless, as Jackson said, I will assist you in enquiring whether it belongs to your grandmother. I mean, what is the worst that might happen?
(They both reach into the pawnshop and greet the owner)

Jackson: How are you sir? I would like to acquire the dancing regalia on the display. I have the sensation that it belongs to my grandmother. It is the last item I would like to keep in honor of her since I do not have anything else.

Pawnshop owner: I will give it to you for the same price, I acquired it. Oh! That would be $1000. (The three leave the pawnshop in a quest to find the money)

Jackson: I am going to approach Big Boss and ask for a job in selling newspapers at a profit. I appreciate your friendship, but I feel that, this is a quest to fulfill on my own (Rose and Junior leave, while Jackson heads to meet Big Boss).
Jackson: How are you Big Boss, I am searching to sell newspapers at a profit, and I hope you can accord to me that chance.

Big Boss: I have no problem with your idea. However, I would like some form of assurance that you would execute the job with diligence.

Jackson: That is fair enough. I will return additional $20 dollars. If am successful in the sale of the newspapers. (Big Boss accepts the request and offers Jackson the newspapers. The sale of newspapers proves to be intricate, but Jackson manages to come up with a profit of $100. Despite being a meager amount, as opposed to the $1000, Jackson appreciates his own efforts. Later on, he returns to the Big Boss to remit the dues. He opted to do other jobs, which were fruitful. However, each time he acquired money he was generous to hand it to other more destitute people than him.)

Jackson: I am back sir with the money. I managed to sale a few newspapers. However, here are the $20 dollars I promised on top of the returns.

Big Boss: Thanks for you are a hardworking kid. Someday your efforts will pay off. Always remember that there is nobility, and peace in poverty, never get ashamed.
(Jackson leaves to search for Junior and Rose. He finds Rose and offers to buy her alcohol. They later find that junior was dead in an alley. Rose ends up in a one-night stand with Jackson. They wake up the following day and realize that they do not have enough money to pay for the dancing regalia. Nonetheless, Jackson heads to the pawnshop).

Jackson: Good morning sir, I have come back to request the regalia. However, I do not have the $1000.
Pawnshop owner: Good morning, first where have been since the time you left.

Jackson: I have been out there looking for money.
Pawnshop owner: Kindly narrate to me the story of how you acquired the little money in your possession. (Jackson narrates his ventures of hard work and generosity). Young man, you can have your grandmother’s regalia. It appears to me that you are generous and humble. Above all, you are hard working.
(Jackson exits the pawnshop with the satisfaction of having his grandmother’s regalia (Roush & Berglund, 222).

Reason for shifting the narrative into a play:
There is the creation of the theme of humility through Jackson’s perception of his poverty. In fact, he appreciates the verity that most of the people would not perceive his situation with such humility. This is on the actuality that there is a fabrication of the societal setting in a manner that it undermines the destitute. This is evident when he acknowledges and appreciates offering of the chance to utilize the washrooms (Sherman, 87- 101). He reiterates that while most people would think of it as a common phenomenon, he is utterly thankful for such kindness. The essay begins from Jackson’s obligation to recover the grandmother’s dancing regalia. He shop owner prompts him to raise $1000 for the regalia. This appears to be intricate, but Jackson remains optimistic. This forms the basis of the narrative. The essay shifts into a play format with Jackson, Rose, and Junior being the principal characters. The essay format was initially in a story format.

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