Desktop Administration

The focus of this paper is on the desktop administration essay example owing to several studies by various technological experts. Desktop administration has been made possible with the use of the latest computers. These computers are equipped with the best software and very fast network, which has made it possible to implement desktop administration practices.

The desktop administration essay example encompasses the analysis of technologies and methods, which are used to configure, deploy, track, and maintain various workstation of the clients. This is made possible through data management, client security, and management of assets, system deployment, application management, and user setting. Essentially, tracking of client workstation makes it easier for the system administrator to know and attend to problems promptly. This initiate helps minimize loss of productive time in the organization especially in terms of the human-hour loss. For example, when a system user is stuck at a process, he/she can make use of a telephone to communicate to the administrator and have the problem solved. In this, the technical support can attend to many clients in a short span of time, as opposed to moving to every workstation to solve the problem.

A system administrator has an uphill task of monitoring all the computers in the network to make sure all of them are in good working conditions that satisfy the needs of the clients. It is the dream of every user of the system to achieve the intended objective and to accomplish the task in time. For instances, cases of system crash and data loss should be minimized in every desktop administration. And, to minimize such data loss and theft, security measures, including but not limited to data encryption, firewall and use of passwords that are unique should be used.

Desktop Administration essay example

The desktop administration is an important tool of the present day computer networking. It has become an important part of the society with the invention of latest computers, fastest networking systems and best rated and advanced software (Pinch and Bijker, 1992). The computers, networks and software could be turned into money pit if there would be no proper planning and implementation of the desktop administration policies and practices. Desktop administration basically refers to the methods and technologies that are mainly used for the deployment, configuration, maintenance and tracking of the client workstations (McIvor, et al, 2003).

The desktop administration is gaining more importance for the computer professionals and networking experts because the proper management of desktop has become very critical for effective use and organization of data and information within the system. The desktop administration includes the deployment of the system and the user setting. It acts as an asset management tool and compliments the handling of the critical issues related with networking. The rising significance of innovative Information Communication Technology (ICT) for societies and economies has been drawing the attention both from the academia and the practitioners. In the last two decades, the way in which the business is carried on is severely affected by the ICTs (McIvor, et al, 2003).

The internet is a public and global communication network that provides direct connectivity to anyone over a local area network (LAN) or Internet Service Provider (ISP)”. Access to information on complementary travel services like car hire and hotel accommodation on the airline’s websites has facilitated the consumers’ decision making process (Pinch and Bijker, 1992).

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