Deviance and Violence

An essay on deviance and violence talks about the punishments and penalties that offenders are given upon committing such atrocities. Such crimes have heavy penalties and someone can serve a jail sentence exceeding three years for such a crime. Reading an essay on deviance and violence can help somebody understand the court rulings on deviance and violence cases. In some cases the criminal justice system provides an essay on deviance and violence to a criminal so that they may understand what is to be expected after the final judgment, in order to help the suspect to be mentally prepared for the judgment. An essay on deviance and violence can be written by judges and advocates who are specialist in law and order and who write many related essays on criminal law. An essay on deviance and violence is hard to write, especially if someone has no law background because such an essay on deviance and violence involves much legal jargon that someone who has not studied law may never understand or write appropriately. A criminal law essay outlines the court procedures for different cases, and even shows the precedent for such particular cases. A judge is usually expected to write a criminal law essay after carrying out a court procedure to show how just the court was with that particular case. All the criminal justice systems like the courts to have different types of essays on criminal law, like the deviance and violence essay; it is an example of a criminal law essay. A criminal law essay should show the all judgments that a judge has carried out so his pattern may be observed.

Deviance and Violence essay example

Violence is a broad term that encompasses a wide array of violent experiences and incidents mostly faced by women and children in their domestic relationships (Johnson and Sacco, 1995). Kingston and Penhale (1995) explain that the domestic violence includes the commencement of different behaviours by one person with another including physical abuse, damage to property, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, harassment or intimidation, financial abuse, or threatening any of the above.

Violence is an unlike act but in different countries and cultures of world this act is taking place and people belonging to all economic and social classes are becoming victims of this act. In a global survey conducted by Bureau of Justice Statistics US, it is found that considerable percentages of surveyed women in different countries have been victims of domestic violence mostly by their intimate partners. Violence generally result in the physical and mental damage of the wellbeing of people and it is strictly prohibited by the law. Any person found accused of committing violence could be arrested by the police and taken to the courts for the legal procedure.

Deviance is also closely related with the term violence however, it does not convey the same meanings as violence. Deviance basically hints towards the violations of the cultural and social norms. It does not deals with the offence of laws and rules set out by the state or the court but it merely concern with the rules designed by the society and culture that the people living in the society are supposed to follow. It is the violation of norms and not the laws however, it also have very important negative effects upon the society (Kingston and Penhale, 1995). Deviance does not necessary cause the involvement of police at the early stage however, if it continues at higher level than the authorities are also supposed to come in front and play their roles to stop this act.

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