A biology essay on ecology seeks to describe the study of the inter relationships among living organisms and the environment. There are a number of variables that can be discussed in an essay on ecology. Some of these variables include bio mass distribution, composition and number in relation to a specific ecosystem. A biology essay usually describes the hierarchical structuring of the ecosystem.
When writing an essay on ecology, there are various factors that should be considered. The essay should identify the dependency level of the organisms being discussed. It is the complex interdependence of a number of organisms that result in the formation of communities. Other biology attributes that are commonly discussed in an essay on ecology include genetic factors and configuration of linkages due to interspatial arrangement of the organisms in the ecosystems.
Generally, a biology essay on ecology should explain in detail the lifecycle of the organism in question. Other aspects that can be explained in an ecology essay include adaptation and processes of life of various organisms, the abundance of organisms and environmental distribution of bio diversity. An essay on ecology can also be used to discuss human science especially in relation to conservation of the ecology, management of natural resources and wetlands as well as planning of a city commonly referred to as urban ecology. There are other ecological scopes that can be discussed. These include community health, applied science, forestry and economics. Whichever scope is being discussed the writer should show the integration of the ecology scope with the topic being discussed. Other biological aspects that can be discussed in an essay on ecology include erosion control and soil formation.

Ecology essay example

People usually tend to produce an immense impact over an environment they are living in. However, the question is, who produces additional influence on a surrounding nature: civilized industrial societies or native cultures in their relationship of the environment. Hence, it is obvious that in any situation every civilization takes important component in ecosystem formation, has quite several environmental values; bad or positive impacts on their global and local ecology etc.

Let us take into account a couple of societies located a great distance away from the whole world and from each other. This sort of distant position defined the continent’s nature, its vegetation inhabitants, etc. Australia, for example, has usually been a particular continent from the thing of view of a natural habitat. However, Brazil Amazon Indian Tribes society is closely connected to the continental ecosystem of Amazonia. Nevertheless, they hold uncivilized native kind of culture and incredibly a distinct impact on the environment they’re living in. Australia is recognized to obtain the most beautiful, however, distinct environments during the world. At least fourteen places of world heritage are located on this really continent. Between them you will discover listed Ayers Rock, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in Queensland, the Higher Blue Mountains near Sydney, Shark Bay in Western Australia, and National Parks within the Northern Territory. The large territory is rarely inhabited, thus, the population of Australia have many space and various natural resources at disposal. The results of their resource consumption on sustainability of their ecosystems are less harmful in comparison with European countries or the USA. It is obvious, however, how the bad local environmental case remains, specifically in big cities for instance Sydney or Canberra. Nevertheless, the heritage places are even now the oases.

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