Effect of Technology on Education

An Essay on effect of technology on education will usually describe how technology has contributed to the development of the education curriculum. An education essay paper on the effect of technology on education can be used to describe the measures that have been taken by the government to ensure all students use technology in their studies. When writing an essay on effect of technology on education you ought to discuss both the positive and negative effects of technology on education. Technology is an essential component in school curricula. However, its implementation in the education system has had both positive and negative impacts.
The Essay on effect of technology on education should describe how different technologies are available to students. This education essay should also describe the benefits of technology to students. An essay on effect of technology on education can also describe how technology has affected education administration. It has also changed teaching methods in schools.
An essay on effect of technology on education can also describe how various challenges can be met in order for schools to be technologically empowered. An essay on effect of technology on education might describe some negative effects of technology in schools. One of the effects of technology includes how technology continues to widen the gap between the poor and the rich in schools. Other points of discussion when writing essays on effect of technology on education include how it has contributed to online education and distance learning. Generally, an essay on effect of technology on education should highlight how learning, and sharing of knowledge has been affected by technology.

Effect of Technology on Education essay example


Technological advancement has touched every facet in our daily life in the 21st century. Education has been core facet which has developed through technological advancement through integration of computers, internet and other technological gizmos. This advancement has had positive and negative effect on edification. This paper shall in detail explain the effects of technology on education, if it has positive or negative effect.

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Technology has changed the face of education through various research engines such as Google scholar, JUSTOR, Online Encyclopedia and other research tools which assist students on their educational research. This has formed an easy and fast venture for accessing edification materials required to harness knowledge. The research comes with interactive and lucrative advantages which trigger student curiosity thus making education fun and interesting. This interactive experience enhances the learning process with new technological intervention which assists in improving tutorial services. Through Wi-Fi advancement student are subjected to ergonomic and comfortable learning settings. Numerical computations are easily computed through technological mathematical software’s. Equation and graphs are easily drawn and through calculators (Stoll, 1999). Students can study online to the universities of their choice instead of travelling to where the faculty is situated.

However, besides this positive advancement brought about by technology in education there have been negative effects. Cheating is one major negative effect which has derailed this advancement. Students have devised means of buying essays online instead of doing their own assignment. This has been viewed to lower educational value and demean higher education.


Although having positive effect on education technology should be closely monitored as some people are manipulating this advancement to their own personal unethical gain.

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