Essay on Empowerment Through Education


Education is a universal element considered a fundamental structuring block for the development of human and helps reduce poverty (Sleeter Pg 151). In its generalized and broadest perspective involves a general sense aiming at habitual sustainability of one generation to the other. It is true that education fulfills and transforms student’s lives through the expansion of knowledge and the mind. Education in the long run has been considerable as a significant aspect in the foundation of the society. It is more than an effort to enable student’s access and listen to authority figures. In the US, opportunities in the education system for children abound has the majority beginning their accessibility of education through programs including preschool at the age of three (Sleeter Pg 154).

Statistics indicates of student’s enrolment into kindergarten and prekindergarten reaching the mark of 49.4 million in both public and private schools. Expertise education renews and introduces students into the society as citizens. It requires basic cognitions or experiences mentally. Questioning of the presented materials to the society is necessary hence requires relation of information to the daily lives (Sleeter Pg 158). The utilization of the information should be in a possible, applicable way to daily lives. Since the introduction of incipient into mankind’s stages, the possibility in acquiring knowledge to write and read as the fundamental communication means and history understanding, political and cultural traditions and the social philosophy inclusive of the daily news as of value. Education provides the foundation through which formative effects on thinking capacity is deliberately transmittable. Through a sensible narrow technicality, education being the formal process assists the society transmits any accumulated skill, knowledge, values and customs form a generation to the other (Steiner & Christopher Pg 72).

Education and its capacity to empower

Most recently, literacy skills enabled the participation of individuals fully considering them as engaged citizens and functional adults in the society. Schools, family and the society institutions share a common responsibility of the young generation preparation for learning in the current culture. This is considerably an increment connected with influence and multi- media through powerful words, images and sounds. Considering the capability of the elite society to put education into a best utility applies sophisticated devices. This is inclusive of business phones and palmtops to enable the gaining of access to information of late. There has been an effort to discourage the aspect of underprivileged not having access to the basic elements in accessing education including books. It is considerably unfortunate with specifications on countries e.g. India having constitution founding principles including secularism, democracy, and equality as the key aspects (Steiner & Christopher Pg 74).

As citizens entitled to expression and speech freedom, why the multitudes should be deprived of basic education? Everyone in the modernized society has the potential right to access at least secondary level education. This would enable a crucial beneficial to the best of the country’s interest (Steiner & Christopher Pg 77). It would be considerably heartening seeing schools reaching out to street children, women and the illiterate lacking the accessibility to education. Education is the essential element meant for empowering the society. Perfect quality education is a design on the individual’s strategy requirements basis. This enables the structuring of capacity and preparation for seizure of opportunities in the private and public domains. Similarly, the society empowerment through underprivileged children education should be a considerate instrument in shaping up of their development. This guarantees eligibility and capability of growing up as able persons capable of utilizing potential in the society. Since education would lead to employment eventually, it is an assurance living in a society free of vices that would underrate the performance of the society (Steiner & Christopher Pg 77).

It is significant seeing certain organizations working around the clock lengthwise undertaking vital responsibilities in the young generation education. The collaboration of governments and local organizations jointly towards the provision of education with sensitization and training has enabled the improvisation of curriculum development (Sleeter Pg 164). The partnership employs interactive and participatory methodologies inclusive of role-playing and theatre techniques, feeling exploration; gender-stereotyping analysis, negotiation skills training thus fosters critical reasoning as part of information imparting. Provision of basic education has led to the improvisation of interpersonal and problem solving communication skills enabling all round development resulting to informed, voluntary and responsible decisions. This has seen the guarantee of success in facilitating the younger generation to foster challenge of harmful gender norms and the resistance of peer pressure. This assists in the safety navigation through the procedural passage into adulthood (Sleeter Pg 167).

However, it is of significance realizing of that enrollment of women and children in training programs is not enough (Bhaskara & Digumarti Pg 46). It is similarly vital that the given education at every step be of high standard to ensure that there is appropriate learning outcome forming lifelong basis. There is also an assurance of knowledge provision, attitudes and skills for dynamic citizenship. It is on the considerable basis that education results into personal developments allowing an individual to manage life. Thus, coordinated prior to the education equality statement, there is no guaranteed quality in education without considering equality. Education should challenge the existing relations basing on behavioral and attitudinal adjustments of both genders inclusive of men and women. “A small amount of education increases the amount of earnings of women if they are in labor force” (Essay on Literacy and Women’s Empowerment Pg 1).

Education has in the long run had tremendous scope in the enhancement of the society opportunities. The opportunities presented are in the form of job accessibility. Subsidized education provision should therefore, be considered as the vital source of empowerment for the people. This especially applies to the individual belonging to the economically and socially backward segments in a developing nation. Education is fundamental as it enables the accessibility of the right behavior inclusive of excellent manners equipping an individual with everything necessary in the realization of dreams. It is also vital in the growth of a country economically.

Over the recent years, women literacy through the provision of quality education has opened up opportunities for empowerment. This means that literate women are capable of expressing themselves and potential talents (Bhaskara & Digumarti Pg 46). This assists in the improvisation of nutritional practices, hygiene and perfect effectiveness in the event of caring for the health of the family. It results into improved maternal competence amongst women lowering positively mortality rate making them more productive leading them to employment accessibility and equality. An educated society makes better utilization of time hence assist in moving the economy of a country from non-monetized to a monetized sector (Bhaskara & Digumarti Pg 46).


Quality education results into equal labor market accessibility for both women and men resulting to improvised economic opportunities hence quality empowerment and equality. It is of necessity considering equal education opportunity to everyone in the society as an element of improvement assisting in the development of a country’s economy (Steiner & Christopher Pg72). It is through the educated that innovation knowledge is introducible to enable every society member to change behavior and roles played in the society necessary for the good life. Education improvisation and accessibility will enable the fundamental change in ideas of the society towards women responsibility. This is due to the linking of the country’s development to women’s productivity and welfare (Steiner & Christopher Pg 82).

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