Match the following quotations to the correct piece of literature.

“In the churches in Oxford, where so many of the congregation are
soldiers, we are always having it impressed upon us that the call of
our country is the call of God.” This statement comes from the book Testament of Youth by Vera Britain.

“O that she might withdraw unnoticed, silent from life escape and
withdraw, / to follow, to seek, to be with her dear dead son.” The second one is found from the poem Come up from the Fields Father. This poem is a mother’s response because of the death of his son in Washington. As they stand at the door of the hospital they realize that their only son is dead. The poem is by Walt Whitman.

.  “Disgusted by my own body, I found relief listening to the groans of
others. At times, I thought I would suffocate from thirst.” The statement was extracted from the book This Way to the Gas Ladies and Gentlemen the quotation is on page 57.
  “Under the ledge, the three witnessed what their memories would contain
forever: River, Stone, Dust, and Bone.” This one has been extracted from the book called The Veteran.
“The people smile at us we smile at the people, they call us ‘Comrades
from Birkenau’, with a touch of pity—our lot being so miserable—and a touch
of guilt—theirs being so fortunate." The fifth statement was extracted from the book This Way for the gas, Ladies and Gentlemen. The book has been written by Tadeusz Borowski. The book is stunning, thought provoking and painful. It is really fascinating especially when you picture his life in the camp.

“When, by ten o’clock at night, no news had come, I concluded that the
complications of telegraph and telephone on a combined Sunday and Christmas
Day had made communication impossible.” Statement six is found in the book Testament of Youth. In this extract, Vera is twenty years old and is working as a nurse in the period of world war one. She is in love with Roland, who is expected to arrive home for chrismas after he had fought in France for close to nine months. When it reached ten o’clock and no news about Roland had come, that is when she concluded that complication caused by the telephone and telegram had made communication impossible. She was unable to fight sleep and so she went to bed disappointed. Roland’s family waited until midnight over there chrismas dinner hoping that he will join them but to no avail. They later received a message that he was dead.

 “The youth walked stolidly into the midst of the mob, and with his flag
in his hands took a stand as if he expected an attempt to push him to the
ground. He unconsciously assumed the attitude of the color bearer in the
fight of the preceding day.” The seventh statement has been extracted from the book The Red Badge of Courage this is a book that was written during the Americas civil war the book was written by Stephen crane. This happens in the spring season of the year 1863, he faces the battle and this was the first time at a place known as Chancellorsville, Virginia. He was a young union soldier who matures to manhood after which he finds peace of mind as he come to terms with the conflicting ideas and feelings about war.

“Leave not the bridegroom quiet — no happiness must he have now with
his bride,” The eighth part has been removed from the poem Beat! Beat! Drum. On the first paragraph,on the fifth line of the poem.
“Our Lady was at his back, and she was like a firm hand driving him up
the hills, easing the fear blossoming inside him, the fear that what he
would find at home would be like what he had left behind.” The statement in the ninth quotation came from the book The Weight of all Things. In this book, a small boy makes it through danger, cruelty and hardships of the war-torn country of El Salvador in the search for his mother. The mother was dragged by other victims when gunfire erupted in a plaza that was crowded in a funeral of a martyred archbishop.

 “His failure to discover any mite of resemblance in their viewpoints
made him more miserable than before. No one seemed to be wrestling with
such a terrific personal problem. He was a mental outcast.” This statement has been extracted from the book known as Red Badge of Courage he had been placed in the position of an outsider.

 “When the roof fell in, a great funnel of smoke swarmed toward the
sky, as if the old man's mighty spirit, released from its body — a little
bottle — had swelled like the genie of fable.” The eleventh statement was extracted from Red Badge of Courage the book is written by Stephen crane.

Using the information from the group presentations, class discussions, and
assigned readings, provide the correct terms for each of the following.

The conflict that was viewed as the most tragic and that was considered necessary was the American Civil War. The war was brutal and it was fought from the year 1861-1865. The war was between the Confederate American States and the United States of America the war was as a result of the conflicts back when the country came to birth. The founding fathers could not solve the differences between the thirteen original states. There was a war between the two groups and they both believed that there cause was right. The cities were left in ruins and the young men were fought to death.

Art, printed literature, plays, radio, movies, television and the internet are mediums used for journalism during war. This was important because it helps in informing the country about the war. These help the soldiers to gain support from the masses. This support boosted the morale of the people who were fighting. Indeed they fought more because they knew the whole country supported them.

This person can also be referred to as a war correspondent. His work includes deliberately going in war ridden areas in parts of the world. They get close and provide written accounts and films David Crane was a correspondent of war and drew his writing experiences from the wars.

The First World War is usually referred to us “The Great War” due to its occurrence in the year 1939. War convoluted all the great powers of the world. They were amassed in two opposing coalitions this include the allies and the central powers. The alliances delayed as more countries entered into war.

Jerzy Kosinski was born in the year 1933. He was awarded as the winning Polish American Novelist. The family survived a holocaust; this was from the help of the village members. He created a fake foundation that sponsored him to get his scholarship. He was accused of plagiarism. After that, he suffered multiple illnesses. The journalists who accused him of plagiarism attacked him. He then committed suicide on the third of May 1991. He wrapped a plastic bag around his head; this made him to suffocate to death. The suicide note read, “I am going to put myself to sleep now for a bit longer than usual. Call it Eternity.”

The poem O Captain! My Captain was written to honor the famous Abraham Lincoln. He wrote the poem after the president was assassinated. The “ship” that has been spoken about represents America. On the other hand, the fearful trip represents the troubles faced during the American Civil War. The captain represents Abraham Lincoln. The poem is an elegy that was written to honor someone’s death. The poem symbolizes and resembles the president he has used a wide variety of vocabulary to bring out joy and sorrow. When the president was assassinated in a nation full and weary of war, the whole country was shocked, he was later murdered in a cold blood. Walt Whitman was one of the Americans who were saddened by the death of the president. This is the reason why he wrote this poem.

An acute stress reaction can also be referred to as an acute stress disorder, mental or psychological shock. Acute Stress is caused by a reaction to a frightening or traumatizing event. Its description was done by Walter Cannon in the year 1920. It occurs after an individual sees events they involve threats or death, physical violation, serious injuries and the world war one this condition was known as shell shock. This was because there was a similarity between how soldiers suffered. There those who suffered from concussions which were caused exploding bombs or shells reacted and those who had problems with their central nervous system.

During the war in El Salvador, there was a rise in economic and political tensions. There was inequality, assassinations, economic fraud, a lot of killings. With these tensions, there came an army of the people called the Junta Revolucionaria de Gobierno (Revolutionary Government Junta) which overthrew the government. The Junta promised that they will improve the standards of living in the country, hold free and fair elections and to put an end to human violation.

The sacrifice of fire in Greek refers to holocaust. The word is derived from the Greek word holocausts. This means that it is a religious sacrifice and animal in particular that is consumed by fire completely. Holocausts are apotropaic beliefs that are intended to appease the spirits that are in the underworld. They include the Greek heroes who died and are now spirits. The earliest Holocaust was the Xenophon which was an offering for the pigs to Zenu Meilichus. They are conducted at night. Wine was not usually in such practices. They offer animals that have a black hide at a lower alter and always have their heads following a downward direction.

The Poisonous Mushroom is the collection of short stories written by Nazi writer Ernst Hiemer. They were used to indoctrinate or in other words brainwash the small children in order for them to despise the Jews and hate them. These stories subverted views and beliefs of the children in German.

Vera abandons her education in or4der for her to serve her country. She worked with the Devonshire Hospital in Buxton in the place of a nursing assistant. She attended to the wounded soldiers. She wrote to Roland saying that she honestly loves nursing after she had worked for only two days. She found the whole experience as interesting even though she thought that they were traumatizing. The parents of the wounded soldiers who came to visit were difficult to handle. She wrote in her diary almost all the events that took place. They had to turn people out of bed in the middle of the night to create room for those who were seriously injured.

Gender roles are a set of social norms that safeguard the interactive norms. These norms are considered as socially satisfactory of a particular sex of individuals. They differ between the various cultures and the historical periods. We focus on the war period. The gender roles started to change in the beginning of the civil war this is because the women saw it as an opportunity to engage themselves in the public life.

During this period, showing masculine concern was not seen as unfeminine. Most Americans were patriotic. They believed that war would end soon without any bloodshed when the women saw their husbands going to war in a saddle up condition, they saw the need to sacrifice for their loved ones, for instance, “Charlie is dearer to me than my country” this was a statement from Kate Rowland of Georgia. The women that were left behind took up a new role. They were not certain of what it entails. Some of the women even wished they were men because they felt useless and anxious. The women saw the war as theirs as well as that of their men and saw no need to sit back whilst their men suffer.

The soldiers suffered very much on the battlefield. They suffered physical and psychological impacts of war. They caught diseases such as tuberculosis which were easy to spread and heart diseases like asthma. This affected the soldiers long after the war was over. They faced trauma they had no peace when they remembered what their fellows had gone through in the battle field. Some of them were amputated. This was left as a mark of war. These among others are some of the long term effects of war.

They faced a very difficult experience. Diseases broke out, there was no one to treat the soldiers and so some of them died and other just ailed without medication. Most of the soldiers suffered from the trench foot this was a disease caused by cold, unsanitary and wet conditions. The men stood in waterlogged trenches for long without being able to remove their shoes. With this poor health conditions, they could not receive medication because at the moment it was not there, so most of them died from this conditions.

War in most of the countries remains the means of solving international disputes. When events of war get bad public support comes in to give morale to those fighting. Wars cannot be successful without public support. The war veterans should gain and maintain these public supports for war.

Wars and conflicts are the major causes of the greatest technological advancement during the war period. The smart bomb was devised by the Americans by adding a propeller that was remote controlled on the bomb. The bomber pilot used the remote propeller to maneuver and adjust the bomb and release them. They introduced gunboats which were better than rifles. New ways of reporting wars were introduced they started using photographs rather than drawing.

Soldiers in war are the most affected due to the actions they do and those that are done to them. Some circumstances force them to end one’s life. These situations have an effect that is depressing to the soldiers. The deaths disturb the soldiers and deny them peace of mind. They are also deprived the joys of their families because they stay far away from them. The effects of war to families with members serving in the military are great. First the missing member of the family alters the family structure. This leads to strain of a single parent, increased responsibility and difficulties in finances. This leads to stress in children and the mother who used to have all they need for life. The same happens with friends.

Respond to Both of the following in 3-5 sentences each.

The study of literature has been of help so much in the study of the war period. It has helps one to experience and picture the war in mind even though one is not present. As one figures out experiences of war they come as if they are real. I have learnt on the disadvantages of war and its impacts. This will enable one to preach peace having seen the negative effects of war.

The favorite reading of the term is the Red Badge of Courage this book is about the American Civil war. This book gives one a full experience of the world war one. These experiences are important in the life of each and every one.

Respond to both of the following in 3-5 sentences each

“He had burned several times to enlist. Tales of great movement shook the land. The might not be distinctly Homeric, but there seemed to be much glory in them. He read of marches, sieges, conflicts and he had longed to see it all. His busy mind had drawn for him large pictures extravagant in color lurid with breathless deeds.” The quote is from chapter one of the book page 16. It shows us how Henry was naive on how he views war before it enlisted. The quote shows how people in the real sense picture the wars and other events they have never seen. They always think that they are great experiences just like how Henry did think.
(The Red Badge of Courage), “Later, after the bombs went off, after the monstrous black clouds they sent up dissipated in the gentle breeze, after the shooters, whoever they might have been, pocketed their stubby handguns and vanished into the crowd, after the police ceased returning fire and attempted instead, with their superior presence, to control a multitude run amuck, it would be clear it was a bullet to the head that killed her.” This extract is from chapter sixteen pages. I choose the extract because it is the climax where the woman who was being looked for is finally shot down and then she dies. This was a very painful experience to the son. He realizes that the way to peace is not through wars. The wars do not make it any better, they destroy the innocent souls.

Choose ONE of the following quotes below, and respond to it in 6-8

The quote means that the First World War was the greatest war that was ever witnessed in the world. The opinions and ideas that people pictured about war were totally changed when they experienced war. Despite all this, the soldiers who fought are ones who experienced the greatest effects of the war. One of the innovations that were witnessed during the civil war was the emergence of the railway line. There were no motorized transport during the First World War and this was the first to come. Before the railway line was introduced the people moved on foot. When they reached the places of war there were tied and could not fight effectively. The other innovations that came as a result of war are that, they were a full force mass production and industrial manufacture of weapons and ammunition.

Aviation also came with the first world was referred to as air warfare. This made it easier for the soldiers who were fighting. These innovations are still important to today’s wars because we use these advanced firearms in today’s wars. The aircraft are also used a great deal in cases where enemies cannot be seen an aircraft can be used to patrol. This also has reduced the number of soldiers being killed.


The war changed Vera’s life the world around her falls into small pieces. The young men with her are all caught up in the war and her life changes completely. The son looked for his mother only to realize that she was shot dead. This changed his life to an extent that he could not support the wars anymore. This disillusioned him. He saw these wars as not important because they took innocent lives.

The quote is relevant to today’s wars because we see that in today’s wars it is only the innocent that suffer. The causes of the wars protect themselves and their families.

In the book, This Way to the Gas Ladies and Gentlemen, the events change in the sense that the traditional notions of morality have no meaning in the camp. They rely on the deaths of their fellows for survival because of this they are implicated the death of the Jews. Killing of fellow countrymen was not allowed. In this story, we see that in this camp you have to kill to survive. Our perspective differ from back then because in this time it is not a must that one kills another to survive but people are killed during the wars. In the past, people had no humanity in the wars. They could kill the other without any mercy. In today’s wars at least one would protect the brothers and kill the others. The morality level and humanity is better in today’s wars compared to those in the past.

Yes it is true that there are times where war cannot be avoided because it is the only way that people can solve conflicts. This happens mostly when people cannot agree on one way to rule the country this leads to wars. In cases where the neighbors invade the country and do not want to go back peacefully brutal war breaks. Despite the fact that war is not the best way of solving conflicts, it is used because peaceful talks never work at all in many countries. People should see the effects war is causing to countries. The innocent perish, brother kills brother and with this we do not solve anything. When we look at the American civil war it was the greatest war and a lot of people perished. They saw this as the only way they could use to solve their conflicts and unite the states. There was a lot of bloodshed but finally they states become united.

We should devise other ways of solving conflicts rather than war. People should form peace treaties to solve conflicts. There is loss of loved the case of Vera she lost all her loved ones in the wars. This might affect her psychologically for the rest of her life because she will feel the great gap left. Most of the soldiers were injured some were even amputated this will affect the families and the soldiers. They are not used to living in such conditions hence this will affect them their entire lives.

The war impacted the country in a positive dimension in the sense that the soldiers won the battle and the old patriotism returned to the country. “He felt surprised at the pure, blue sky and the sun shining on the trees and fields. It seemed difficult for him to believe that nature had remained peaceful during these horrible events.” This war resolved to peace and drastic change. This is unlike other wars where a resolution is never reached. In this war, according to the book Weight of all Things, the war was great to an extent that many people were killed and this cannot compared to any other war in history. After four years of fighting a new nation was born, it was united more than ever. This is unlike other wars where they take a short or even long time to fight but never reach resolution.

The American civil war is recorded as one of the most brutal, cruel and painful in the American history. In this war brother killed brother father killed son and friend turned against friend. People thought that the war was short but they were wrong. This war was long and very many people were killed. Many people died than any other war that ever followed in the states of America. Everybody in the country had lost members of their particular families. Death was the most prevalent theme in all the books studied in this semester. This theme has made me realize that wars are not solutions to peace. We can find other ways of solving conflicts. Seeing the deaths of many people all people should preach peace.

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