Moview Review on Social Psychology in Toy Story 3


The aspect of social psychology is a human trait that humans exhibit most of the times. Social psychology is related to the perceptions of human beings. These perceptions are often accompanied with thinking patterns. Thinking patterns determine the scope of social psychological. Many at times, scientists claim that success or failure is psychological. This statement has never been true than ever before. As shall be seen in the later sections, the statement could be related to human behavior and understanding the motivation behind their actions.
The American film Toy story 3 is an animated comedy film which features a number of toy characters who live in their own world. The story is about a kid named Andy who loves toys so much and has passion for them. For the years that Andy was a kid, he used to spend most of his time with the toys. Apparently, Andy is going for college and must leave the toys behind so that he can continue with his studies. The toys feel remorse about the news. Then one day, Andy places the toys in the bag and apparently Andy’s mother throws them to the curb without her knowledge.
The toys decide to escape after realizing that they are no longer wanted. The toys run and find solace at sunny side where they are hosted by Lotso. Despite running away from home, one toy, woody feels the need to tell others the truth about what happened. Woody tries to convince his colleagues that the actions of Andy’s mum were not intentional as she did not realize, whether the toys were in the bag. Woody’s efforts go in vain.
After the other toys find another home, Woody finds a new friend known as Bonnie. Bonnie is a little and kind hearted girl who welcomes Woody into her home.

Relevance of the story

The story is an illustration of the concept of social psychology mentioned in the previous section. The story highlights how the toys seek belonging and love. It is mentioned that before Andy left for college, the toys were living in peace and loving care of Andy’s family. After Andy leaves, they escape because they are convinced that no one cares about them anymore. This story is a clear illustration that the need for belongingness and love is an important social aspect that humans cannot live without.
Humans need company and an environment where they feel appreciated. The appreciation shown to any person goes a long way in determining their character and perceptions. From a psychological perspective, when humans are shown love, they tend to reciprocate. This was the case with Andy’s toys. Before they used to be shown love and they returned back the favor to Andy’s family.
In addition, the story reminds us that love and appreciation are important in the survival and coordination of social groups. When social groups are stripped of love, they tend to disband. This is because love and appreciating other people are the connecting factors in social groupings. Whenever instances of hatred are perpetrated in social groupings, there is always a problem.
In summary, the comedy Toy story 3 is a psychological analysis of human relations and their operations. The story provides an insight of human psychology from the perspective of a comedy.

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