Spain’s Museums Visit Project Proposal

For those students majoring in history and archeological studies, travelling plays a major part in their life. The different visits to various historical venues and excavation sites goes a long way in ensuring that they witness and thus proof any information they may have come across in class. It is for this reason that I propose to do a project on museum visits in Spain. The target audience will be the students in history and archeology clubs. One of the proposed sites is Badalone museum. This is a building that houses the remains of an ancient city in Spain-Roman city of Baetulo. Here, the target students will have a chance to learn about the history of ancient cities in Spain.

They will also have a chance to see the different archeological materials on display. The other proposed site to visit is the Museum of the Americas located in the city of Madrid. This is a site where both the history and archeology club students will have a chance of learning the past history of America. They will come into contact with archeological, artistic and ethnographic collections of the American continent from the early Paleolithic era to present day. The last proposed visit site is the Royal palace of Aranjuez. This is a site that will provide knowledge and information on the lifestyles of the Kings of Spain. Once the students in these two clubs agree to take part in the project, they will have a chance to learn and witness the culture of the people of Spain as highlighted. This information can be fused together with the studies done in class to develop more knowledge and areas of research. The project will be carried out in school as it targets students.

In order to inform the target audience of the project, I propose to open and use a blog site by the name “Amazing Historic Sites in Spain”. All the information on the proposed visit sites will be posted on the blog along with the benefits associated with the visit. On the resources, I propose to liaise with the history and archeology club leaders. The leaders will inform and record the names of the interested members. The school administration will also be contacted so as to play the role of middleman between the students wishing to take part in the project and the Study Abroad Office. The Study Abroad Office will provide guidance and information on the requirements of undertaking the project outside the country.

The project’s timeline will be divided into three segments. The whole project is planned to run from July to September. The month of July will involve enrolling the interested students and briefing them on the proposal. Money to facilitate the same will also be collected in this month. The second month (August) will involve working out the travel details with the school administration and the Study Abroad Office. The third month (September) will involve the actual visit to the three proposed sites in Spain. During this time, the students will visit, record and analyze any information gathered from the sites.

Any information on the project will be posted on the “Amazing Historic Sites in Spain” blog. The blog will have pictures of the three proposed sites, the location and directions on how to reach the destination. A twitter account – “#AmazingHistoricSitesinSpain” on the project will also be opened to ensure that interested students get more information on the proposed visit sites.

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