Statistics for Psychology

In psychology, it is important to test data in order to arrive at the best options for analyzing data. Psychologists use five main types of hypothesis testing which include; Histograms, Box plots, Dot plots, Bar charts and Scatter plots. The use of a histogram involves the measuring of the data given by looking at the shape of the line it takes in a histogram graph. The shape can take either the left or the right side. A histogram is important as it assists in the description of the data in general terms. Box plots are useful as they enable one to simply look at the data presented and identify the characteristics that would assist in analyzing the available data. The use of box plots assist in identifying mistakes made in the process of analyzing data. Read more >

Public Relations (PR) APA Paper Sample

Executive Summary
This report aims at examining various issues that faces the public relations department. The discussion draws attention to the what public relation is, its importance, McDonald’s stakeholders, and issues facing McDonald’s public and why they matter to the organisation. Further, it unearths the importance of public relation to any organisation regardless of it nature of business. It then concludes that it will be important for McDonald’s management to know that it is the productive image of an organization that makes other organizations individuals’ and communities conducts business with it. Read more >

The Nature of ‘Approximate Representation’ in Intelligence within Undergraduate Students

Historical Development of Intelligence Testing

When tasked with the mandate to assess students’ academic difficulties, Alfred Binet found in the 1990s that intelligence testing was a vital facet (Anderson & Miller, 1998). However, Binet’s uncertainty on utility of cognitive competence as a model to perform IQ test on a singular numerical evaluation was marred with uncertainty (Anderson & Miller, 1998). Is it possible that the availability of a scanty theoretical framework at that time limited further exploration? This is a high possibility. Read more >

OPSEC Project Proposal

OPSEC Project Proposal Summary

My capstone proposal is to establish an information technology operation security plan for the department of defense within the country. This plan is aimed at securing all the vital information by the use of new information technology programs so as not to be easily accessed by the adversary. Read more >

Problems Associated With Mexican-American History


The history of US-Mexico relations has continued to have many challenges since the two countries attained their independence from the British colony. The land issue has been one of the major issues affecting the two countries since independence. The land issues have been prominent since they have led the two countries into war thus increasing hatred among them. Secondly, racism and ethnicity has also been a problem affecting the relationships of the two countries. Moreover, economic and social disparities are also main challenges affecting the relations of the two nations. Political stereotyping and increased discrimination has also been a challenge that has affected the relations between the two countries. Ultimately, segregation issues have also affected the two countries. Read more >

Management Article Review

Bakker, K., Boonstra A, & Wortmann, H.(2009). Does risk management contribute to IT project success? A Meta analysis of empirical evidence. International Journal of Project Management, doi:10.1016/j.ijproman.2009.07.002
Risks are all situations that cause disruptions in the plan and endanger timely delivery of project results agreed upon within budgetary limits, and they are not aleatoric, but rather epistemic in nature. Read more >

Violeta Went to Heaven Film Review

The film, Violeta went to Heaven is about the life and times of Chile’s prominent singer and folklorist Violeta Parra. Using the script by Eliseo Altunaga, the film is directed by Chilean born director Andres Wood who is known for famed works like Machuca and Football Diaries. Andres Wood has made this film as a kind of biopic on Parra. Although certain creative liberties are taken, the film is closely based on the life events of Parra, particularly structured around an interview given by her to a TV channel in 1962. Read more >

Moview Review on Social Psychology in Toy Story 3


The aspect of social psychology is a human trait that humans exhibit most of the times. Social psychology is related to the perceptions of human beings. These perceptions are often accompanied with thinking patterns. Thinking patterns determine the scope of social psychological. Many at times, scientists claim that success or failure is psychological. This statement has never been true than ever before. Read more >

Essay Sample on Development Stages Examined through Mr. Donaldson’s Life

I met with Mr. Donaldson who is 65 years old. We had a lovely moment together as he informed me about his life and the way he maneuvered through his development stages. Mr. Donaldson is a humble and extremely intelligent person who understands the essence of life. This is because he experienced a lot during his development from childhood to middle stage. Mr. Donaldson is a resident of New York where he has stayed for more than 20 years. He used to live in North Carolina with his parents, but when he had employment by Wal-Mart Company, he had to move with his wife and children. His development was compelling especially when we examine things like his characters in his adolescent stage.
Read more >

Essay Sample on US Government Response to Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane sandy is a tropical cyclone that devastated 24 states in America on October 2012. The storm had a particularly severe damage in New Jersey and New York. It hurricane hit the city of New York on October 29, causing great damage by flooding the streets, tunnels and subway lines and disrupting power in and around the city. The hurricane destroyed thousands of homes, leaving many people homeless and killed at least 131 people, making it the worst to hit America after Hurricane Katrina (White house).
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