Essay on Wedding Toast

I. Introduction
I have been looking forward to this day for a very long time… See, ever since she moved out of the house and I took the larger room, I have never been so sure that the room is mine as I am now. Thank you, Shane. No, seriously though, the bride today, Elina my sister, is a jewel in my life. There is not enough time for me to tell the all that Elina means to me and to the people that she loves. I’ll just stick to three main points that I find stand out in her that I have never even shared with the most beautiful person in our family….today …haha
Seriously though,
1. My sister is the best sister in the world. She values family more than she values everything else.
2. My sister is so responsible that when she rebelled in the year that it was natural for her to do so, I thought that my world would collapse…You scared me, dear.
3. Elina has always had the kind of energy that attracts wonderful people. Shane is evidence of the same. Shane and I have grown so close that storekeepers and fast food attendants often tell us that we look alike, must be brothers…well, hope we look like me then…

II Body
Jokes aside though,
My sister is the greatest to me. She was there when I was tying my shoe laces for school making sure the correct foot was in the correct shoe. She is the reason I have grown up being a cool kid. See, you are only as cool as your music and she got me listening to the correct tunes she played when she picked me from school, especially on days when I thought trouble was in the air. She was the only firm hand I could hang on when the Northridge earthquake made everything dance dangerously in 1994…
The emotional support that comes from my sister when things are out of balance in my family is like the role of the referee… Until all is resolved in the fairest and most impartial manner, she stays right there where the drama is unfolding. She is of use to my mother in the cosmetic and culinary departments, of use to my father when he has lost the car keys in one shoe or another drawer, and I could not have been worthy of the word educated with exams as the determining factor without her as my home teacher… Not to mention, she is a good driver since she used to take the car without permission during her minutes of rebellious fame. Elina remember when you painted your hair pink? Haha, look at mum’s face, she definitely did…I’m playing, we are amazed by how you keep things together, sis…
Shane, if I ever prayed for a brother…my prayer has been answered. You have always been dear to us….ever since I got to know the man you are. The first day I saw you I wanted to punch you….nothing personal….natural instinct…reflex…I’m joking, I remember you taking me to places when Elina needed to study or to attend to other matters…Every game, every stop for snacks and every kind gesture you showed counts. I trust you because I know the kind of man you are …Welcome to the family
4. Conclusion
Having praised the praiseworthy and stated the important, so that we may move closer to the hour of dance and merry making … I would like to conclude by saying…I am proud of my sister, I am glad for my brother and I toast to the hope that they have the happiest marriage in the world and grow our family larger, stronger and happier….Toast to Elina and Shane…Love you always…

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