Research Paper on Exploring the Exponential Functions

When the value of a mathematical equation constantly increases or declines by a certain factor, then the function is said to be of an exponential type. For example, if a boy bounces a ball, the height at which it bounces back reduces after each particular bounce. Similarly, just like population of the world constantly multiplies and the population increases, as well as in the case of bank savings with a constant interest rate, these computations can be said to be exponential. Therefore, one can predict the sum of the funds after a certain period of time by plotting the values on a graph or using a computer. These functions are identified whereby the variable in the calculation is the power. Y = ABx illustrates an exponential.

The equation can be computed using a Microsoft hand-held device and graphical software. The data can be easily entered with the accuracy to the hundredth of the decimal point. It is an appropriate use of technology as it shows the exact regression pattern against the plotted values. By identifying the gradient of the curve at a particular point, one can exactly determine the rate at which growth is multiplying or diminishing at that point in time. However, this activity is an inappropriate use of technology since there are assumptions that the regression or appreciation of the pattern will not be affected by environmental factors. In the case of the global community, it is assumed that no external effect will disturb the population, such as disease or a catastrophe. If the ball bounces it should not be touched or disturbed. Unfortunately, the use of technology cannot transcribe these assumptions thus error is imminent.

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