“The Ninth Gate” by Roman Polanski

The film was shot in 1999 and is based on the book written by Arturo Perez-Reverte “The Club Dumas”. The main theme of the film is the search of material and spiritual power. But it depends on the person what he will find in the end of the journey – enlightenment or death. Both Corso and Balkan are on the journey which will end for them differently.

One of the issues of the book is the conflict between knowledge which contains in the book and just a simple text. Dean Corso is a book dealer who buys and sells very rare books. But he makes it only for the material purposes. He gets quite big sums of money for his business. He is very clever person. But his faith is weak. At the beginning of the film, Boris Balkan asks Corso if he believes in supernatural, Corso answers that he believes only in his money that he gets for his job. Read more >

Business Studies on The Ritz Carlton Hotel Adaptation Strategy


The Ritz-Carlton is involved in the hotel industry providing luxurious hotel services and accommodation to international costumers. The name of the luxurious hotel was a combination of related hotels which existed in the early 20th century combining to form the Ritz-Carlton. These included the Cesar Ritz, Ritz hotels and Hotel Ritz Paris. The merge was an international success in the hotel industry with Horst Schuulze taking leadership of the hotel management in 1983. This was with the assistance of W.B. Johnson whose intelligence in hotel development and Horst hotelier management had a significant impact on the success of the hotel. Read more >

How Did The Industrial Revolution Impact Life In Western Europe And America?


The 19th and 20th centuries were periods of inventions that changed the ways of living and the production process in Europe and America. The rise of the industrial revolution had both positive and negative impacts on the western people. The social ways of living of many persons changed, and were forced to adopt a new lifestyle. Governments had to restructure their systems in order to match the current standards. Merchants, scientists and others who played a vital role in inventions were, and are still applauded for their work.
How inventions influenced lives
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College Research Paper Example

Dear Professor:
I opted to revise the essay on Jackson, titled “What you Pawn I will redeem.” The focal criterion governing my choice was the ability of an essay to involve the subject and readers. The principal character narrates the story in person. This aspect made me opt for the story. Furthermore, the theme in the story attracted my attention towards it. It is a reflection that poverty should not be associated with shame. Moreover, it educates humans on the essence of appreciating in enough.

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Management Case Study on Twin Peaks Building Supplies

The evaluation and analysis of the Income Statement of Twin Peaks Building Supplies shows financial challenges. The fact that in the past nine months of operation the company recorded a loss of $33,000 is a clear indication of that. This loss could be attributed to poor management. The actual cause of the loss is a higher value of expenditure than the income of the business. This is directly linked to the mechanism used to determine the price of the products, the manner in which expenses are prioritized and the criteria for determining the types of expenses to be incurred. The pricing mechanism directly determines the value of sales. The priority of expenses is also a determinant of the net profit/loss. If expenses that require a lot of money are prioritized then the value of expenses becomes extremely high. Read more >

Marketing Essay on Growth in the Corrugated Packaging Sector in the UAE

Corrugated packaging comes into play after goods have been produced, during transport, and when they are displayed. Since this packaging process was invented, corrugated packaging has improved the sanitary and safety of goods in transit. Producers protect about 70% of the world’s solid and liquid materials through wrapping before reaching the consumer. The corrugated packaging industry in UAE has witnessed some growth in the recent years compared to other countries. This growth has been attributed to the market potential within and outside of Asia. Read more >

Essay on Wedding Toast

I. Introduction
I have been looking forward to this day for a very long time… See, ever since she moved out of the house and I took the larger room, I have never been so sure that the room is mine as I am now. Thank you, Shane. No, seriously though, the bride today, Elina my sister, is a jewel in my life. There is not enough time for me to tell the all that Elina means to me and to the people that she loves. I’ll just stick to three main points that I find stand out in her that I have never even shared with the most beautiful person in our family….today …haha
Seriously though,
1. My sister is the best sister in the world. She values family more than she values everything else.
2. My sister is so responsible that when she rebelled in the year that it was natural for her to do so, I thought that my world would collapse…You scared me, dear.
3. Elina has always had the kind of energy that attracts wonderful people. Shane is evidence of the same. Shane and I have grown so close that storekeepers and fast food attendants often tell us that we look alike, must be brothers…well, hope we look like me then…
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Research Paper on Exploring the Exponential Functions

When the value of a mathematical equation constantly increases or declines by a certain factor, then the function is said to be of an exponential type. For example, if a boy bounces a ball, the height at which it bounces back reduces after each particular bounce. Similarly, just like population of the world constantly multiplies and the population increases, as well as in the case of bank savings with a constant interest rate, these computations can be said to be exponential. Therefore, one can predict the sum of the funds after a certain period of time by plotting the values on a graph or using a computer. These functions are identified whereby the variable in the calculation is the power. Y = ABx illustrates an exponential.
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Coursework on Lifespan Psychology

Answers to question number 1

According to Levinson, how do the life structure of men and women differ?

Lifespan psychology deals with the study of individual’s development from birth to old age. Development does not cease at adult hood but extends to through the entire life course. Adaptive processes such as acquisition, maintenance, transformation, and attrition in psychological structures occur through the course of an individual’s life span.
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Research Paper on Reaction on “Effects of Poverty on M-E-B health of Kids”

Yoshikawa, Aber and Beardslee in the article, The Effects of Poverty on the Mental, Emotional, And Behavioral Health of Children and Youth: Implications for Prevention, that appeared in the fourth issue of American Psychologist Journal focus on effects of poverty levels on the health of children affect. The article majorly focuses on studies carried out in the United States that assess how a child’s mental, emotional and behavioral (M-E-B) well being is affected by poverty. The authors have also pointed out possible solutions that are used in preventing the M-E-B disorders. Poverty is classified in different categories and dimensions and some of these classifications as discussed in this article are absolute, relative, subjective and asset poverty. Absolute poverty is inability to afford basic needs while relative poverty refers decrease in income of the National Median House Income to levels below 50% or 60% (Yoshikawa, Aber & Beardslee, 2012). The article defines poverty in many other different ways that not only involve inadequate means but also other important human development assets like education and health.
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